Karl Burke & Mark Garry

Eloise Calandre

Martin Gustavsson

Yasmin Mueller

Astrid Svangren

Private View: Tuesday 5 July 6-9pm
Exhibition Dates: 6 July – 5 August, 2011

Maria Stenfors is proud to present Brittleness a curated group exhibition with six European artists.

In science and industry, we attempt to find the limits; what and when stress factors push something to breaking point, where the microscopic cracks start to develop, and at what point breaking become inevitable. This rigorous testing takes more interest in the state on either side of the event: it’s either functional, or broken. But the state of plasticity, existing between the two, is a relatively short point.

This show looks at how art is able to hold that moment. Different aspects of fragility, delicacy and destructiveness are here captured, holding what in a blink of an eyelid might have disappeared, gone forever. Each work ossifies a particular atmosphere, reveling in it the attempt to make it last while simultaneously wondering at its intangibility.

Moments of captured reflections through a beam of sun or a gust of the wind trace the tensions of that uneasy liminal moment and the potential stored within it.

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