Through A Glass Darkly

Miroslaw Balka

Filippa Barkman

Mauro Bonacina

Simona Brinkman

Jeppe Hein

Julia Pfeiffer

Exhibition dates: 30 November 2010 – 15 January 2011
Private view: Saturday 27 November , 11.00am-3.00pm

Maria Stenfors is proud to present a light and bright midwinter show dealing with inner darkness, based on the Ingmar Bergman film and play ‘Through a Glass Darkly’.

The 1961 film ‘Through a Glass Darkly’ was originally titled ‘The Wallpaper’. It is the first part in a film trilogy, of “chamber films” so named for their analogy to chamber music. Preserving a strict unity of time and place, this stark tale of a young woman’s decline into insanity is set in a summer home on a holiday island. As Bergman himself describes – when this emptiness has been accomplished, the god takes possession of the human being and accomplishes his work through her hands. Then he leaves her empty and burned out, without any possibility of continuing to live in this world.

The works for this group show have been chosen for how they build upon this narrative – how darkness is reflected upon them, and how darkness is projected by them: the very human side. Darkness then, whether dealing with emptiness, shame or perceived abnormality, becomes entangled with both time and society. A new perspective gives a new meaning whether it is a personal experience or a change in perception or society.

Aesthetically the exhibited works are bright, light or white and chosen with these qualities in mind in parallel with the idyllic setting of the Bergman film. Illustrating the contradiction between light and darkness and need for the co-existence of the contradiction. This deceptive element speaks out to the statement in the beginning of the film by Karin – Everything will be perfect this holiday!

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