‘Copia: Modern Disbelief’

Private View: Thursday 4 October, 6.30 – 8.30 pm
Exhibition dates: 5 October – 10 November 2012


Maria Stenfors is proud to present ‘Copia: Modern disbelief’, Yasmin Mueller’s second solo presentation at the gallery. The installation is embodied in the title word copia, meaning a mass, copiousness, and also a wealth of knowledge and ideas.

Like an expanse of open ocean, constantly shifting in shape and unquantifiable, multiple abstract light patterns fill the volume of the room, continuously moving focus from artwork to room. A confusing and disorientating space, that is darkened and unknown, illuminated in passing moments. These light shapes create an endless moving mass, a copious pattern that conducts the perception.

Central in the space are two geometrically shaped sculptures, erected like columns. These columns and piercings of light are Mueller’s reconfiguration of razzle dazzle, a pattern created by Norman Wilkinson and utilised by 20th century warfare engineering. Designed not so much to camouflage but to disorientate, it blurs the perception of depth, contour and edge. it doesn’t hide, but is more of a visual disruption, making it impossible to estimate size and shape.

Placed throughout the installation are objects of pictorial chaos plucked from the everyday images of modern life and cultural trends, copies of copies, an evolution of the original, and all framed and constrained by hard minimalist shapes: exquisitely angled diamonds and sharp edged lightboxes. Familiar patterns merge with common place fashion styles confined by geometrically perfect dimensions, as seen in the clothing of the figurative lightbox images, and visual emblems like the parrot, featured on multiple canvases, each copy being an evolution, a mutation of the former, allowing the copy to perhaps stand stronger than the original.

Yasmin Mueller was born in 1977, studied at the Staatliche Akademie der bildenden Kuenste Karlsruhe, and lives and works in Berlin.

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