Exhibition: Mela yerka at Kamarade, sweden

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For the second year running Kamarade will be transforming a house and gardens into a sculpture park. This year will feature the work of Mela Yerka and Albin Looström, in what will be Mela Yerka’s first exhibition in Sweden.


℅ Strandbadsvagen 18 Falsterbo


Private View: 4 July, 4-7 pm

Open: 5, 11, 12 July, 12-3pm, and then by appointment

To book: info@kamarade.org / 0704 937025

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exhibition: julia pfeiffer at Kunst haus Wien, austria

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Julia Pfeiffer will be participating in group show ‘Wie wir leben (How We Live) at Kunst Haus Wien from 3 September- 18 October 2015. The exhibition assembles concepts of Lebensraum or life habitat: how does life unfold, what is considered a habitat for living, how is it used, built up, protected?

Invited artists: Leonie Hampton (London), Siggi Hofer (Vienna), Tue Greenfort (Berlin), Andreas Duscha (Vienna), Julia Pfeiffer (Berlin), Amy Balkin (Los Angeles), Andreas Walther (Giessen) and others

3 September- 18 October 2015

KUNST HAUS WIEN, Museum Hundertwasser
Untere Weissgerberstraße 13, 1030 Vienna, Austria

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exhibition: Hans Rosenström at Galleri Elverket, Ekenäs and Sinne, Helsinki, Finland

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Hans Rosenström will present a solo exhibition in two parts:

DEN ENA in Elverket, DEN ANDRA in Sinne

6 June–2 August 2015

Opening on the 5th of June:

4:30-6:30pm in ELVERKET and 8-10pm in SINNE

PERFORMANCE in Sinne at 8.30pm

3:00pm bus leaves from Kiasma to Elverket
6:30pm bus leaves from Elverket to Sinne
10:00pm bus leaves from Sinne to Ekenäs
Binding bookings by the 1st of June at the latest.
phn: 019 223 90 10
Please note: Limited Seating

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exhibition: martin gustavsson in ‘Nature Morte’ at Hå gamle prestegard, Stavanger, Norway

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Martin Gustavsson is exhibiting in the group show ‘Nature Morte’ curated by Michael Petry and Eva Watne at Hå gamle prestegard, Stavanger, Norway (6 June- 30 August 2015).

‘Nature Morte’ is based on Michael Petry’s recent book of the same name for Thames & Hudson and brings together historic still-life paintings and contemporary art works that use the language of the past for modern concerns. The show seeks to illustrate how leading artists of the 21st century are reinvigorating the still life, a genre previously synonymous with the sixteenth- and seventeenth century Old Masters.

Participating Artists:

Peter Abrahams * Sue Arrowsmith * Annie Attridge * Aziz+Cucher * Conrad Bakker * Barnaby Barford * Berthold Bell * Jan Kjetil Bjørheim * Elaine Bradford * Per Christian Brown * Mat Collishaw * Marcus Cope * Michael Craig-Martin * John Dugdale * Roberto Ekholm * Saara Ekström * Nancy Fouts * Nick Fox * Anya Gallaccio * Ana Genovés * Ori Gersht * Rigoberto A. Gonzalez * Cynthia Greig * Martin Gustavsson * Jefferson Hayman * Paul Hazelton * Todd Hebert * Renata Hegyi * Jim Hodges * Bill Jacobson * Alexander James * Peter Jones * Darren Jones * Edward Kay * Rob Kesseler * Jone Kvie * Alana Lake * Janne Malmros * Carol Marin-Pache * Livia Marin * Caroline McCarthy * Damien Meade * John Mitchell * Polly Morgan * Museum Clausum * Dermot O’Brien * Gabriel Orozco * Bruno Pacheco * Guillaume Paris * Michael Petry * Marc Quinn * Victoria Reynolds * Eric Rhein * Miho Sato * Rebecca Scott * Andro Semeiko * Jane Simpson * Jim Skull * Matt Smith * Rob Smith * Jennifer Steinkamp * Richard Stone * Yuken Teruya * Hanne Tyrmi * Maciej Urbanek * Mathew Weir * James White * Kraig Wilson * Cindy Wright

Hå gamle prestegard, Stavanger, Norway

Håvegen 347, 4365 NÆRBØ

Exhibition dates: June 6 – August 30, 2015

Private view: 6 June, 2-5pm

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